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Human health was and still the most important problem and objective of all most researches. Finding out what causes in the decadence of healthiness of Iraqi population is our tendency in the present work, Uranium causing cancer that is affected by a correlation between age and gender of bladder cancer patients is studied in the present work. Mean of Uranium concentration (Uc) decreased with increasing age for all age group without dependency on gender. While, there is a wide dispersion in Mean Uc excretion between males and females, due to the effect of correlated gender with age, where female Mean Uc is maximum at age 50-69 year (2.355 µg/L), and it's higher than male Mean Uc (2.022 µg/L) in this age stage because of menopause, also average period of illness and the percentage of patients are affected by correlated gender with age. So that factor of gender correlation with age affects in the calculation of background levels and radiation exposure and causing bladder cancer incidence.


uranium excretion bladder cancer gender sex-hormone

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Aseel S. Mahmood, Omar Sh. Shafeq, & Mohamed S. Shafiq. (2019). Uranium concentration variation dependency on gender correlated with age of bladder cancer patient. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 1730-1734.