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To develop two Chemometric-assisted analytical methods like UV spectrophotometry and RP-HPLC methods for the quantification of Atorvastatin calcium (ASC) and Aspirin (APN) in the capsule dosage form. Chemometric models used in UV spectrophotometry were Principal component regression model (PCRM) and Partial least-square regression (PLSR). Both the models were applied for the drugs in the calibration ranges of 4-20 and 30-150 μg/mL for ASC and APN respectively. Total of nineteen laboratory prepared mixtures were used for calibration and prediction set of the models. In addition, RP-HPLC method by using chemometric approach for was developed using C18 column at room temperature with a mobile phase of acetonitrile: methanol: triethylamine (53.1:11.9:35 v/v/v), pH- 3.0, with detection at 275 nm. PCRM and PLSR models were evaluated by statistical parameters and RP-HPLC method was optimized by using Response surface methodology. The developed methods like UV and RP-HPLC by using chemometrics showed almost similar results and both the methods can be used for their analysis.


Principal component regression Partial least-square regression Response surface methodology

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Keerthisikha Palur, BharathiKoganti, & Sreenivasa Charan Archakam. (2019). Development and validation of chemometric assisted analytical methods for simultaneous estimation of Atorvastatin calcium and Aspirin in capsule dosage form. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 1692-1697.