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Moringa oleifera Lam, commonly known as Sehjan belongs to the Moringaceae family. It is widely used for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases. This study was an attempt to evaluate the morphological characteristics, percent yield, the bioactive and antioxidant potential of M. oleifera leaves that would help in elucidating a promising therapeutic and curative agent for the treatment of different ailments. The maximum percentage yield was obtained in methanolic extract (29.55%) of M. oliefera leaves. Qualitative analysis also revealed the maximum presence of all the metabolites in methanolic extract. Quantitative analysis revealed an appreciable presence of phenol (53.1 mg/g) flavonoids (47.7mg/g) and carotenoids (16.46 mg/g) in M. oleifera leaves. The methanolic extract had shown the maximum antioxidant potency in a dose-dependent manner during the evaluation of enzymatic (SOD and CAT) and nonenzymatic (DPPH and FRAP) antioxidants with minimum IC50 value. Thus, it could be concluded from the present study that methanolic leaf extract of M. oliefera could be amongst the principle extract for the antioxidant activity of M. oliefera, which could be used for the treatment of several ailments.


Moringa oliefera Leaves Phytochemical Antioxidant

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Uzma Sayyed, Pratibha Pandey, Rohit K. Tiwari, Rafia Shekh, & Preeti Bajpai. (2019). An investigation of bioactive and free radical scavenging potential of moringa Oliefera leaf extracts . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(3), 1575-1579.