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Appendectomy is an eventual treatment for appendicitis, which can be performed through either traditional open appendectomy or by laparoscopic technique. Majority of researches found Laparoscopic appendectomies are ideal for simple appendicitis, but most of the advantages are of inadequate clinical relevance, even though intra-abdominal abscesses are a concern in some cases of complicated appendicitis. The main objective was to evaluate and compare the length of hospital stay, in-hospital complications, operation time, and usage of antibiotics between laparoscopic (LA) and open appendectomy (OA). A retrospective analysis was done with the data of 411 patients older than 12 years from the Department of Surgery at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) Hospital between February 2011 and February 2016. Clinical and laboratory information was obtained by reviewing patients’ medical records, including age, gender, WBC, RBS, operating time, duration of hospital stay, complications as well as usage of antibiotics. Out of 411 cases reviewed 196 underwent LA procedure and 215 were done with OA. The mean operating time was significantly longer in LA (80.41 ± 28.09 Vs 55.56 ± 16.72; P < 0.0001; 95% CI = 20.42 to 29.29). The antibiotic usage was found to be more in OA group. Out of 61 complications observed in all the study population, 42 (69%) were experienced by OA group. Study proves that laparoscopic appendectomy is a safe and effective procedure, in contrast, to open appendectomy and surgeons had a stronger preference for the LA due to its numerous advantages.


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