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The In-vitro anti - cancer activity of various extracts viz., Hexane, Chloroform, Ethyl acetate and 50% Aqueous – ethanol of the whole plant of Solidogo canadensis L was studied by Tryphan blue dye exclusion technique. And further the ethyl acetate extracts, which showed best response and activity against the tested extracts was subjected to MTT- assay and apoptosis screening with the cell lines HeLa and MCF-7. All extract showed potential cytotoxicity comparable to that of the standard drug against the tested cell lines viz., HeLa and MCF-7. The Ic50 values of the ethyl acetate extract was found to be best with 150 and 210 µg/ml with Hela and MCF-7 respectively in tryphan blue dye exclusion technique. In MTT- assay it was found to be 170 and 275 µg/ml with Hela and MCF-7 respectively. In apoptosis screening ethyl acetate (EA) extracts showed an apoptosis dose dependently in both the tested cell lines viz., HeLa and MCF-7. Ethyl acetate extract at high concentration (500µg/ml) showed apoptosis of cells representing nuclear fragmentation with 42% and 30.33% apoptotic cells against viz., HeLa and MCF-7 respectively. Thus, confirms the potent invitro anti-cancer property of the EA extract against the tested cell lines viz., HeLa and MCF-7. Hence, the present study brought to light the scientific validation of the plant Solidogo canadensis L. With respect to cytotoxicity. Further investigations with the ethyl acetate extract may lead a way for the identification of the entity responsible for this potential property.


In vitro anticancer activity Solidago canadensis L. cytotoxicity

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